A Thought On Loud Voices

Loud voice quote

Studies suggest that people determine how trustworthy or dominant you are within the first 500 milliseconds of hearing your voice. In the animal kingdom, the loud sounds that animals make have purposes that include defending territory, finding another species, romancing a mate or warning companions for predators. Well for humans, the purpose of having a loud voice is different. Continue reading A Thought On Loud Voices

Good Friends Are Like Stars

Good friends quote

One of God’s beautiful creations are the stars in the sky you see every night. When the sky is clear, we see the same position of stars no matter where we are. If today we are in Manila, and tomorrow we go to California, you will never miss the same stars you see every night.

Good friends are God’s gift to us. Even though we get separated by work and family circumstances, good friends will always be there just like the stars. This holds true sometimes in loneliness and despair when friends you haven’t seen for a while are suddenly there to offer you comfort and support.

Just like the stars, distant friends are there to guide you and watch over you. Each one of us can be a star for someone. Are we?


Saying Thank You…

quote thank youSome people who get regular support from their relatives or friends are mislead to thinking that the help they are getting is an obligation. Don’t you know that most people love to hear words of appreciation? It’s because they value their importance by acknowledging the generosity of sharing what they have. If you just do nothing and keeps on reminding the bills, they will feel like a personal bank on call when needed. This leads to getting tired of helping.

Don’t be afraid to keep saying “thank you” for every generosity because every kindness deserves another kindness and the foremost act of appreciation is to say those magic words.

The Greatest Pleasure In Life

you cannot do pleasure lifeWe live in a world that conforms with standards that normal people can do. Many times when we lack of something important like not having a higher education or skills because of disabilities or misfortunes, we tend to lose our confidence and self-worth. This is then aggravated when people around you would make you feel sorry about your situation in an attempt to uplift their egos.

Don’t you know that when people realized that they were WRONG in saying you cannot do it, you become an inspiration for others? The negative people become the villains and you become the hero for saving those who are in darkness to come out and be proud. Just like the photo above of a woman without legs, she tells us that it’s not impossible to run a race without legs but with the proper tools, the arms and hands can take over. In life when there is hope, there always come a way.

How it feels great to show people that you can do the impossible-just like magic!

Do you make mistakes?

mistake quote einsteinIt’s not an advantage for people who never experienced failures when they choose to just sit down and do nothing new. When you fear mistakes, you tend to just accept your current situation with a big question: “Am I happy with this?”

Mistakes or failures should be looked as our guide to help us succeed in our next attempt to try it one more time. If it’s your first time to try something new, be understanding to yourself that if this doesn’t work out, you need to learn from whatever mistake you might make. So don’t be afraid. Go ahead. Who knows, you might succeed this time!

What You Always Think Comes To You

I believe that you have heard many times when people say to always THINK positive. Guess what? It’s true! You attract into reality what always goes in your mind.

Thinking positive alone is not enough but you need to BELIEVE and ACT upon it to complete the realization of your dreams. The more you think about success, the more you get inspired to face the trials. There may be hindrances or failures at first but don’t ever lose hope because when you do, you are sending away the attraction of success. Continue reading What You Always Think Comes To You