A Happy Heart Is

Thankful Happy Heart












Do you ever wonder why some people manage to carry their smiles and enthusiasm in times of difficulties in life? Even when the odds are against them, they seem unaffected as if nothing happened.

Most of the happy persons I have talked to revealed that being grateful to what you have is a great way to relieve your disappointments in life. Some people consider you luckier in some aspects like having a good health, a loving family, a decent job, a good wife and children, and so on.

I bet you can name right now your strengths, talents and opportunities that others may not have. So this is a good starting point to be happy and thankful.

Look at the less fortunate people living in remote areas. Some of them are not reached by technology, or maybe a good weather, or ample supply of basic needs. Now try to give them gifts that they never see before or maybe bring them over to the city which they have never been. You can see the overwhelming happiness in their eyes as they experience simple pleasures in life. Those people will thank you for the opportunity you gave them.

So why not start looking at the simple opportunities you have today? And with these opportunities,  you might want to use them to make others happy by sharing your talent, time and gifts. Sharing and being appreciated is another way to feel happy. This releases your sense of being important and useful, right? Okay here’s another good post to make others happy. Click here.

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