Judge Your Day

Harvest Day

How many times were you disappointed when everything went out short of what you were expecting? You may say that “I’ve done my best but still nothing happens!” We judge each day as good only when our personal expectations are met then we feel sad.

There is a saying like this:

For every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction

When we work hard for something, there will be consequences that may be good or bad. But when work is done in a purely GOOD way, the consequences will be good! What you do in the present even if it looks like the smallest thing, you will later realize in the future that the big things you have today were because of the small things you did yesterday.

You may have the least position right now but wait and see, as long as you love your work and develop with it, you and others can benefit from the seed you plant today. Sometimes it could be better than what you ever wanted. So happy planting!

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