Worrying And Life

Worrying Single Hour Life

Are you afraid? Are you diagnosing yourself? Do you worry what might happen tomorrow?

People worry when they are uncertain of the future and expect that all things will fail, get wrong or even get worse. Worrying is different from preparing and planning because it involves fear.

When we worry too much, there will always be negative effect on our health, relationship and self-esteem. So how do we get rid of fear that triggers worrying?

First you have to face the truth. This means not avoiding what you need to know. I believe you always hear the truth will set you free.

Second, have a clean and healthy living. When you believe you eat right, honest even in small ways, does good to others, saves money, secured and takes time developing your spirituality-you are not far off of having a worry-free life.

An unhealthy living will do you no real good because of guilt. Actually, worries are the successor of guilt.

What you do today is what you will reap in the future. Do good and good will fall upon you and the other way around.

Next time you start worrying, think about this : “Will this negative thought add a single hour to my life?”

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