Why 2 Ears And 1 Mouth?

God Ears Mouth

Come to think about it, yes it make sense how come we have two ears but one mouth? Simple, God is so wise that He knows what’s best for His design, the human. It just need some common sense by exploring our limitations and capabilities to live and thrive in this world.

We have become so busy reaching our goals, pleasing others and making ourselves happy. But there comes a time, we fall and become depressed. We start blaming ourselves, even others. Then we keep talking about disappointments, complains, asking favors but no answers are found.

Maybe it’s time we close our mouth for a moment, and open our ears to the sound that can’t be heard while we keep talking. Sometimes silence is good because it keeps the mind focused and open to new ideas that we never thought possible. Go ahead and listen, is time to make way to the sound of the answer rather than our grouchy voice.

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