A Facebook Like

Facebook Like Quote

Now this quote sounds funny to me, but yeah it could also be true. People share photos, stories, links, videos and more to let their friends see and experience something interesting or important. But most of all, it’s our way of keeping in touch with friends and relatives to let them know we exist and what’s going on with our lives.

There is this “Like” button on facebook which is an alternative expression of your friend’s interest to your post when they have nothing to say at the moment. My first impression of course is that they like what you have shared. But do you think they have other reasons for liking?

According to some friends of mine in the marketing sector, they said they hit “like button” on someone’s post so that others will do the same for them. Another reason is to let your friends’ friends see what they are liking. But then again, when someone likes your post, it’s not just they really mean it, but because you are also important to them. And with that my friend, I hope you feel better.

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