The Know-All People

know all everything

I always encounter people who talk too much about many things they know. Sometimes I joke of finding in them things that they don’t know but still, they manage to take themselves to the center of the conversation.

We can easily spot people who pretend to know everything than those who really do. But I think it’s best to keep to ourselves our judgement than to start a debate. Many people don’t realize that they are imparting too much information of what they believe is true. They sometimes give unsolicited advises where we don’t know if the intention is good or not.

I think the best way to deal with “know-all” people is to fist look at ourselves-our accomplishments, what we can do and our expertise. Next time they start to sound like an encyclopedia or the web, just let them be happy but don’t ever let them make you feel inferior.

Try to open a topic you love talking about and you’ll never run out of things to share. You’ll later notice Mister Know All is all ears on you!

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