Things We Forget to Be Thankful About

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Our life has its ups and downs and when you’re down, you sometimes feel as if life is so unfair. We often ask how come I don’t have these things in life? Well, these are times when we don’t realize, we are aiming for things that are too much or not necessary at all.

Real happiness does not start at knowing what you don’t have but with appreciating things you already have.

When we focus on things we desire so much and believe it could make us happy, we forget the good things which are just a tap away to make us smile and be thankful about.

Here is a simple list that will make you say “oh yeah” or “lucky me” because knowing what you already have is another key to true happiness!

1. Another day added to your life

Good morning! You opened your eyes and you’re awake from sleep. This means nothing bad happened to you while you’re asleep. Lot of things could possibly happen you know like an asteroid just dropped in your area, a burglar broke to your house or a fire breakout.

So start your day with a big THANKS to our Creator for his protection. Think of it as a new opportunity to make others happy and how you can make each day a better one.

2. The gift of sight

Have you tried closing your eyes while walking? Difficult isn’t it? What if you do it while doing bigger things like reading a book, watching a movie, enjoying the scenery or whatever you always do.

Others are not so lucky to have their sight taken away because of accident, sickness and birth. So while you can read this article, we are still lucky to be able to enjoy the beauty of life-seeing our kids grow, see people’s smile, travel and more.

3. Good Friends

Did you think about the time when you were down and lonely? Who were there during those times? I believe you can name even one person or more. Remember this-it’s not in the number of friends you have that counts but how many good people around you will be there to support and inspire you to a better and clean life.

4. Our parents

Basically without our parents, we will not be born. Out of the million people around the world when two persons fall in love, one of their offspring could be you. From your parent’s struggle to give you birth, food, education, protection, support and up to what they can still offer-we owe what we are today.

A parent’s love and patience can’t be easily broken even though we continue to hurt them. They will always be the first people to enter our mind when we’re in trouble. When you ask what they want for their children they’ll always say “Of course the best!”. So while they’re still around, now is the time to express our gratitude.

5. Your talent

There will always be an inborn talent within us that we sometimes wonder how come others don’t have. You may be good at sketching or writing articles, singing or dancing, playing an instrument, good personal relations or making others laugh. It’s a natural ability which I believe is a special gift from God and as a token of our gratitude, it’s great if we can share them to make others happy.

6. Safe travel

We often hear news about vehicle accidents, plane crash and street crimes. Many people don’t arrive their destinations because of unexpected incidents which is beyond their control. Accidents can happen any time to anyone.

So every time you arrive to your house, know that you’re very lucky to be there to see your wife and children’s faces again. And that’s something to be thankful!

7. Our children

Children is a gift. It’s the product of love between two individuals. But not all are blessed to have a child because of health issues or undetermined reasons.

A son or daughter is our human extension who adopts half of our physical appearance, talent and attitude. Some say a son will carry your legacy because they can spread your surname. Whether you have a son or a daughter, they will always be the best gift a couple could ever wanted.

How joyful it is to hear a children’s laughter, feel their touch and obedience, their sense of being dependent on us makes us stronger in life to do the impossible and dream big.

8. Water

Water makes up 70 percent of our body that’s why we need them in order to survive. What if water become scarce due to hot weather and contamination or water will start to be expensive?

I’m talking not just about drinkable water but also it’s other uses in everyday life. Water makes everything NEW. From drinking up to cleaning, one day without it is like a year of drought. So while water is accessible, let’s be responsible to save them for better purposes.

9. Eating Meal 3X A Day

People in rural areas or undeveloped countries struggle everyday to meet the body’s demand for food and some can only eat once or twice a day. And worse is they have to divide a single meal to accommodate the other members of the family.

So when you know you have reached your third meal, be grateful you live in a good country and can afford good food.

10. Place To Live

Having a place where you can rest, get shelter, put your belongings, have privacy, invite friends over or simply do what you wanted to do is good way to separate yourself from the busy world outside.

Many are homeless nowadays. They sleep in public places and get reprimanded by the authority. Aren’t you grateful you still have a place to go home to?

11. Simple things we can afford to buy

Some people as they get richer, the most expensive item or service they can afford will make them happy. It’s because when they get richer, their standards for happiness also levels up. So when they fall financially, they become sad when they can’t afford those expensive things anymore.

While we can still afford to buy things even the cheapest item, we should learn to appreciate those simple things because you’ll never know if tomorrow you’ll be richer or poorer. Some people can’t afford what you can right now because someone, somewhere is incapable to buy it not like you.

12. News reporters

Without the media reporters, we will not be aware of what’s currently happening in our city and the world. The people in the media risk their lives to give us weather warnings, cover important events for us to witness, expose corruption in the government and impart beneficial information to the public. They serve us our eyes in the bigger world. Thanks to the rise of the television, radio, newspaper and internet.

13. Medical Breakthrough

Do  you know how lucky you are today when there is a already a quick remedy over the counter for your colds, cough, fever, wounds and other common diseases? Even in the skin and hair treatments like soaps and shampoos, lotions and surgeries has done wonders to many.

Without the medical advancement, some people may die because of extreme cough or fever and lack of tools to treat a certain ailment or disease. Not only that, we become more aware of the proper food, safe ingredients, hygiene and lifestyle we should follow to have a healthy life. The medical association are continuously developing ways to enhance human life through medication pills and immunization.

14. The Internet

I think this does not need an introduction because you won’t be reading this article without a network connection.

The internet has became a very great tool to bridge communications between all parties especially in social networking. It has open the doors for international trade and job offering where multinationals can now work together as a team.

Now information is a just a click away.

15. Good Health

Some of you may have recovered from a fever or dry cough and is now feeling better. You can do your work because you feel stronger and glad. Thanks to the strength given to you to fight the virus or anything that needs healing.

Some people have certain allergies that limits them but this is not the case, everyone of us can appreciate good health as long as we are still standing up, senses are complete and can act as normal people do.

16. Education

Thanks to education that you can read and understand every texts of this article. The knowledge you got from school and other sources is an opportunity in life because not all are blessed with the right tools for education when you think of those people in remote areas.

From being able to write, speak a language, apply technical skills and stock knowledge-your are ready to face life’s challenge in order to survive and be successful.

17. Air around us

One of the basic needs of man to survive is air. As the earth gets older, so as the air gets polluted because of man’s abuse to mother nature. So while our current air is still breathable, enjoy it while it’s free!

18. Being human

Humans are the most lucky creatures in the world. Why? Because we are gifted with free will and the ability to survive and grow in knowledge. We can learn to love and be loved. We can distinguish what is good and bad. We can create and invent. But most of all, we are gifted with the ability to know our Creator.

19. The planet Earth

The planet earth is the most preferable place to sustain human life. It’s location is very well placed from the sun to get the right amount of light and energy.  With 70 percent water composition, a multiplying animals and plants, a right amount of gravity and breathable air, it’s the perfect place to live than Mars.

So let’s do our part to save our precious earth while it’s habitable.

20. National heroes

We may be too busy enjoying our human rights but don’t you know that there have been many national heroes who fought with their lives for freedom? These are the brave men and women who sacrificed all that they have for the sake of their country to free us from slavery and abuse.

They will always remain as an inspiration to future generations and will give us strength to face everything that threatens our freedom.

21. A Problem Solved

When we’re faced with a problem, we’ve always wished for a fast solution, right? We almost felt hopeless and can’t move on with our daily life. You may have had headaches and mood swings from thinking too much. You’ve search and search until finally, problem solved.

What a relief! You almost wanted to pat your back for a job well done. Having found a solution means you are now more prepared to face another problem with the correct information and lessons learned from the past.

22. A Loving wife or husband

Having found the right partner in life is a blessing because out of the many people in the world, we’ve found the right person who will love us no matter who we are. Just thinking that someone will be there for us to share our happiness and sorrows is a good feeling to know how special we are for them.

Your husband /wife is your best friend and the extension of  yourself because you are now joined as one couple in the eyes of God and men. Lucky for you to have found love!

23. Hear Music

Music is the melody that can mysteriously lift our emotions into a happy or sad feeling. There are also relaxation music for healing and there are music that can make you dance.

The songs we hear and sing is a great way to feel happy instantly. Why not try singing while sad, you’ll feel good somehow-I don’t know why but it works.

I just wonder how life would be without music? That would mean no more family karaokes, no more movie background music, no more singing artists to admire and no more favorite songs to help cherish special memories.

24. Priest, Pastors and Spiritual Advisers

When you want better understanding about life and faith, they are the ones you can rely on. They are here to guide us to the right path to inner peace and responsible living. They are God’s workers who spread the message of forgiveness, hope and love so we can attain our real purpose on earth.

To hear God’s words and knowing His will is what they also teach so we can be saved from eternal punishment on the day of judgement. But most importantly, to know God’s love for all sinners.

25. Free wifi

When you check for wifi connections, you’ll be glad when they don’t have password. These are common in places like malls, hotels, coffee shops, libraries and even in your neighborhood. Come to think of it, the party sharing their internet connection does the paying while you enjoy free wifi.

26. Cellphone gadget

The invention of the mobile phones has done wonders in communication. You can reach your subject anywhere at anytime without wires and bulky components.

Even better, they now come with text messaging, photos, videos, games, organizer and wifi. I know there’s even more functions being added as it evolves. Thanks to our cellphone, our travel companion who can keep us entertained and informed.

27. Our Sun

The sun, our main source of light and energy. Only the sun can give us an outdoor light that don’t need electricity-it’s free and is very beneficial to remote areas where animals and plants dwell. All living creatures need the sun because of the energy it gives. We get vitamin D in the morning just by staying outdoors.

Without the sun that releases solar energy, there will be no balance in our ecosystem.

28. Transportation

With the invention of wheels in a machine that is commonly known as cars, trucks, buses, trains and airplanes-the convenience and efficiency of travel was born. In the old days when the usual means of getting to another place were walking, riding a horse or a boat-travel time would take days, weeks or months before reaching another town or country. Because of these, food exportation had become so difficult.

In our times, you can still enjoy fresh foods from other provinces because of large delivery trucks. We can visit our relatives from far places in just one day. Relief goods and aid are more accessible to save victims. And the best thing is we can experience the beauty of another country from across the seas for just several hours.

29. Fighters for Peace and Order

They are the brave firemen, policemen, and soldiers who risk their lives every time duty calls them. They have sworn to protect all citizens from harm and maintain the peace and order of the community and of our country at all times.

Because of them, we have a sense of security when we are threaten in the streets. There is someone to call in times of emergency like sudden fire, threats and national security. You are more lucky if your country has a 911, a call for help hotline.

30. A God Who Loves You

We live in a busy world when all that matters to some people are work, relationship and success. We have worked hard for them until one day, failure or unexpected circumstances suddenly came. You may have asked why life is so unfair. Felt alone and no one bothers to care.

Know what? There is someone bigger up there who DO really cares! More than that, He loves you so much. God is your heavenly father who watches over us and all he ever wanted is that you pray-a prayer of faith and repentance.

Knowing God’s love is the start of true happiness because you’ll get strength, optimism, wisdom and love that conquers fear. So as you move along with life, there will be new opportunities and there will be challenges. When these happens, just remember there is a God who loves you.

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