A Warm Smile

Warm Smile

Kindness is giving something good without expecting anything in return. When we give freely, it releases neurotransmitters that make us feel good when we do acts of kindness. But don’t you know one of the foremost and easiest thing we can give is a warm smile?

A warm smile is genuine. It shows the glow in your eyes that tells how happy you are inside.  It reassures people around you that that your doors are open, having a positive outlook, and is not easily affected by any negative situations.

When you frown, people won’t frown with you. But when you smile, people will smile back to you. Well, sometimes this don’t happen because some people don’t have the habit of smiling back but this will leave an impression to them your act of being kind despite the risk of being ignored.

A smile can also tell how grateful you are about life. This will draw more people to be with you because you can radiate to them the idea that life isn’t that hard, problems are temporary and we can soon overcome the situation.

So next time you get outside your door, giving a warm smile to people you meet won’t hurt so much. Who knows, you might lift the spirit of a person in pain.

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