Opinion On Me?

Opinion About Me

Many times we find out that someone has just made a positive or negative opinion about our work, our background and even our attitude. Most of the time those remarks came from gossip or personal judgement based on our appearance and attitude. We can simply say that what they think about us are merely more about what they see in the outside and make opinions that came from their impressions.

Let’s just focus on negative opinions here because I believe most of us does not bother to get beautiful opinions from people, right? In fact, many people struggle to get good impressions no matter what they show is true or not.

Let me make it clear that a person’s way of interpreting things depends on his or her life background, her attitude, education and accomplishment. So when someone makes an opinion about you especially when you know they don’t know nothing about you, ask yourself this : Is this person credible?

Only YOU can approve other people’s opinion because you know yourself very well. But sometimes they can also be right! Why because some opinions are based on their experience. When they think you will fail, it could be because they have done your ways and didn’t work out.

So to make this short, you always have the power to accept or reject an opinion as long as you know from whom it is coming from. You can ask them why they think that way about you. Just be open and be polite. Who knows, it might change the way they think about you!


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