Be the Smilee

Be thankful

Have you experienced thinking twice if you should smile at someone or not because they might ignore you?

If that might happen, don’t be ashamed of yourself for smiling because you did the right thing. Two reasons why that person did not smile back is first they did not notice. The second is either they’re shy or didn’t know you well. Knowing these reasons is your first step of not feeling bad.

Studies show that people who always smile are those who feel good or contented about life. They also look well-educated, confident and friendly. In general when you smile at someone, it’s like saying “I’m happy and I’m glad to see you”.

Generally speaking when someone does not smile back, it’s always a negative impression of their character. We would think of impressions like they are not interested in you or they are not in a good situation to smile back.

It’s like giving someone a favor (a SMILE) without saying thank you (SMILE BACK). So when you smile back, you are saying to the smilee “Thank you for noticing me to make me feel better”.

Smiling back is also another way of showing our appreciation to the smilee for making the first step to show their interest in you. For some it takes courage to smile at someone especially to strangers.

So the next time you meet someone, say to yourself “I am happy and I want to radiate my happiness to everyone I meet with my SMILE”. Remember it’s better to give than to receive.

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