Prove Them Wrong

Even if you are the most popular person in the world, a famous celebrity or even a humble and well-respected person-you have to expect in life that there will always be people who won’t like what you do and what you believe is right.

The foremost reason is jealousy. No matter how good your performance is, they will go blind at it and see only your weak points. It is because the more you succeed, the more they feel insecure about themselves.

Second reason is they lack information about what you believe. Be patient with them by giving them time to be well-informed. Don’t be pushy but instead be polite in explaining your views and at the right time, they will see your progress.

Third reason is they are having the wrong impression. People sometimes judge you based on your face, your dress and the way you speak. Most people at first impression of you can last very long.

The fourth is personal problem. People who feel lonely inside don’t easily see good at others. Jealousy and being lonely can go together to only see bad things about people.

And yes only you can prove them wrong. Don’t stop doing what you believe is right as long as you are reaping the benefits. If there are haters, there will also be supporters. Supporters are the next people who will prove them wrong.

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