What You Always Think Comes To You

I believe that you have heard many times when people say to always THINK positive. Guess what? It’s true! You attract into reality what always goes in your mind.

Thinking positive alone is not enough but you need to BELIEVE and ACT upon it to complete the realization of your dreams. The more you think about success, the more you get inspired to face the trials. There may be hindrances or failures at first but don’t ever lose hope because when you do, you are sending away the attraction of success.

Don’t you know that even thinking negative thoughts can also attract negative results? If you think you will fail in your exam, you will not work harder and say to yourself “I’m just waisting my time studying”. So not studying harder will obviously lead to not passing the exam. Simple equation isn’t it?

What if you look at the brighter side of believing you can pass the exam? You believe that you will not waist your time studying because you know you have the potential to get high grades. So you work hard and harder until you aimed yourself with much knowledge. Chances are you will surely pass the exam because you acted upon the belief of YES I CAN.

Let’s say you want to get a new car but seems impossible at the moment. Here’s a success tip: Get the habit of seeing a picture of that car by looking at it everyday. Make it your computer desktop background or hang a picture of it in your desk. The more often you see it with excitement, the more it will get closer to you! Why? Because it already worked for me.

Don’t also forget the power of prayers to guide us if what we are in the right path. Sometimes we may wish for something not meant for us.

So if you believe you deserve what you want, GO for it! Fill up your mind with postive thoughts and sooner or later that dream is already standing right at you doorsteps.

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