The Greatest Pleasure In Life

you cannot do pleasure lifeWe live in a world that conforms with standards that normal people can do. Many times when we lack of something important like not having a higher education or skills because of disabilities or misfortunes, we tend to lose our confidence and self-worth. This is then aggravated when people around you would make you feel sorry about your situation in an attempt to uplift their egos.

Don’t you know that when people realized that they were WRONG in saying you cannot do it, you become an inspiration for others? The negative people become the villains and you become the hero for saving those who are in darkness to come out and be proud. Just like the photo above of a woman without legs, she tells us that it’s not impossible to run a race without legs but with the proper tools, the arms and hands can take over. In life when there is hope, there always come a way.

How it feels great to show people that you can do the impossible-just like magic!

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