Saying Thank You…

quote thank youSome people who get regular support from their relatives or friends are mislead to thinking that the help they are getting is an obligation. Don’t you know that most people love to hear words of appreciation? It’s because they value their importance by acknowledging the generosity of sharing what they have. If you just do nothing and keeps on reminding the bills, they will feel like a personal bank on call when needed. This leads to getting tired of helping.

Don’t be afraid to keep saying “thank you” for every generosity because every kindness deserves another kindness and the foremost act of appreciation is to say those magic words.

Be the Smilee

Be thankful

Have you experienced thinking twice if you should smile at someone or not because they might ignore you?

If that might happen, don’t be ashamed of yourself for smiling because you did the right thing. Two reasons why that person did not smile back is first they did not notice. The second is either they’re shy or didn’t know you well. Knowing these reasons is your first step of not feeling bad. Continue reading Be the Smilee

The Prudent Wife

Prudent Wife From Lord

Today I’m writing this blog on Mother’s day and it’s a very good timing that I found this lovely quote. As a parent, what we can give to our children are very limited to our capacity and what we believe is good for them. Yes we can provide them a shelter, an education, their materials needs and so on.

As we age, when time becomes short, it’s the time when we think what would our children inherit from us. Generally we give them our lifetime earnings and assets.

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101 Ways To Cheer You Up

You may not be feeling good today and you want something to snap you out immediately from being sad to being happy.

Here is a quick list of simple and easy ways to cheer you up. The list is in random order so it’s better if you finish reading them and find the best tip suited for you. Some may sound silly but it worked for me.

Let’s begin!

Smile At People

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A Happy Heart Is

Thankful Happy Heart












Do you ever wonder why some people manage to carry their smiles and enthusiasm in times of difficulties in life? Even when the odds are against them, they seem unaffected as if nothing happened.

Most of the happy persons I have talked to revealed that being grateful to what you have is a great way to relieve your disappointments in life. Some people consider you luckier in some aspects like having a good health, a loving family, a decent job, a good wife and children, and so on.

I bet you can name right now your strengths, talents and opportunities that others may not have. So this is a good starting point to be happy and thankful.

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