Do you make mistakes?

mistake quote einsteinIt’s not an advantage for people who never experienced failures when they choose to just sit down and do nothing new. When you fear mistakes, you tend to just accept your current situation with a big question: “Am I happy with this?”

Mistakes or failures should be looked as our guide to help us succeed in our next attempt to try it one more time. If it’s your first time to try something new, be understanding to yourself that if this doesn’t work out, you need to learn from whatever mistake you might make. So don’t be afraid. Go ahead. Who knows, you might succeed this time!

Success vs. Failure

Bill Cosby Success Failure

Now this is a wonderful Cosby quote. Every endeavors in life may always end up into two ways, it’s either you succeed or you fail.

To succeed also means to take risks on putting all your energy, time, effort and even money to achieve your purpose and these create the fear of success. We feel fear when we don’t want to be disappointed or dismayed when all will just end up into failure. But don’t you know what-when we focus our mind on “what if” this and that don’t happen, our actions will follow?

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