Good Friends Are Like Stars

Good friends quote

One of God’s beautiful creations are the stars in the sky you see every night. When the sky is clear, we see the same position of stars no matter where we are. If today we are in Manila, and tomorrow we go to California, you will never miss the same stars you see every night.

Good friends are God’s gift to us. Even though we get separated by work and family circumstances, good friends will always be there just like the stars. This holds true sometimes in loneliness and despair when friends you haven’t seen for a while are suddenly there to offer you comfort and support.

Just like the stars, distant friends are there to guide you and watch over you. Each one of us can be a star for someone. Are we?


The Prudent Wife

Prudent Wife From Lord

Today I’m writing this blog on Mother’s day and it’s a very good timing that I found this lovely quote. As a parent, what we can give to our children are very limited to our capacity and what we believe is good for them. Yes we can provide them a shelter, an education, their materials needs and so on.

As we age, when time becomes short, it’s the time when we think what would our children inherit from us. Generally we give them our lifetime earnings and assets.

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A Facebook Like

Facebook Like Quote

Now this quote sounds funny to me, but yeah it could also be true. People share photos, stories, links, videos and more to let their friends see and experience something interesting or important. But most of all, it’s our way of keeping in touch with friends and relatives to let them know we exist and what’s going on with our lives.

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Music And Broken Heart

Music Medicine Broken Heart

Are you broken-hearted? Letting it all out through crying is sometimes good but did you also tried listening to music? When I mean music, those songs that suit you personally.

Most songs are written by composers who themselves had experienced hurt and put on to lyric and melody what their mind says. We can relate to these songs and sing with them and you’ll never know, later you’ll feeling good inside knowing you are not alone.

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