A Thought On Loud Voices

Loud voice quote

Studies suggest that people determine how trustworthy or dominant you are within the first 500 milliseconds of hearing your voice. In the animal kingdom, the loud sounds that animals make have purposes that include defending territory, finding another species, romancing a mate or warning companions for predators. Well for humans, the purpose of having a loud voice is different. Continue reading A Thought On Loud Voices

Do you make mistakes?

mistake quote einsteinIt’s not an advantage for people who never experienced failures when they choose to just sit down and do nothing new. When you fear mistakes, you tend to just accept your current situation with a big question: “Am I happy with this?”

Mistakes or failures should be looked as our guide to help us succeed in our next attempt to try it one more time. If it’s your first time to try something new, be understanding to yourself that if this doesn’t work out, you need to learn from whatever mistake you might make. So don’t be afraid. Go ahead. Who knows, you might succeed this time!

Be the Smilee

Be thankful

Have you experienced thinking twice if you should smile at someone or not because they might ignore you?

If that might happen, don’t be ashamed of yourself for smiling because you did the right thing. Two reasons why that person did not smile back is first they did not notice. The second is either they’re shy or didn’t know you well. Knowing these reasons is your first step of not feeling bad. Continue reading Be the Smilee