Learning From the Past

mistakes past today quote

When someone wants to know you when it comes to credibility, it’s inevitable to look back on things you have done with your life in the past. We have a common perception that if a person had done those things in the past then it follows that he can do it again in the future.

It’s also supported by the bible in Luke 16:10 “”Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much”. Continue reading Learning From the Past

Be the Smilee

Be thankful

Have you experienced thinking twice if you should smile at someone or not because they might ignore you?

If that might happen, don’t be ashamed of yourself for smiling because you did the right thing. Two reasons why that person did not smile back is first they did not notice. The second is either they’re shy or didn’t know you well. Knowing these reasons is your first step of not feeling bad. Continue reading Be the Smilee

Man’s Trials In Life

Gem Man Trials

Raw gems are naturally rough.  Don’t you know that when you polish a gem, its retail value increases? Not only that, it adds more shine and shape that you can’t help admiring it’s beauty. But before you get a polished gem, it has to pass through a lot of tedious process like gem sawing, grinding, sanding, drilling, polishing, and so on.

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Opinion On Me?

Opinion About Me

Many times we find out that someone has just made a positive or negative opinion about our work, our background and even our attitude. Most of the time those remarks came from gossip or personal judgement based on our appearance and attitude. We can simply say that what they think about us are merely more about what they see in the outside and make opinions that came from their impressions.

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The Prudent Wife

Prudent Wife From Lord

Today I’m writing this blog on Mother’s day and it’s a very good timing that I found this lovely quote. As a parent, what we can give to our children are very limited to our capacity and what we believe is good for them. Yes we can provide them a shelter, an education, their materials needs and so on.

As we age, when time becomes short, it’s the time when we think what would our children inherit from us. Generally we give them our lifetime earnings and assets.

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