Things We Forget to Be Thankful About

Thankful About Sign

Our life has its ups and downs and when you’re down, you sometimes feel as if life is so unfair. We often ask how come I don’t have these things in life? Well, these are times when we don’t realize, we are aiming for things that are too much or not necessary at all.

Real happiness does not start at knowing what you don’t have but with appreciating things you already have.

When we focus on things we desire so much and believe it could make us happy, we forget the good things which are just a tap away to make us smile and be thankful about.

Here is a simple list that will make you say “oh yeah” or “lucky me” because knowing what you already have is another key to true happiness!

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101 Ways To Cheer You Up

You may not be feeling good today and you want something to snap you out immediately from being sad to being happy.

Here is a quick list of simple and easy ways to cheer you up. The list is in random order so it’s better if you finish reading them and find the best tip suited for you. Some may sound silly but it worked for me.

Let’s begin!

Smile At People

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Success vs. Failure

Bill Cosby Success Failure

Now this is a wonderful Cosby quote. Every endeavors in life may always end up into two ways, it’s either you succeed or you fail.

To succeed also means to take risks on putting all your energy, time, effort and even money to achieve your purpose and these create the fear of success. We feel fear when we don’t want to be disappointed or dismayed when all will just end up into failure. But don’t you know what-when we focus our mind on “what if” this and that don’t happen, our actions will follow?

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A Facebook Like

Facebook Like Quote

Now this quote sounds funny to me, but yeah it could also be true. People share photos, stories, links, videos and more to let their friends see and experience something interesting or important. But most of all, it’s our way of keeping in touch with friends and relatives to let them know we exist and what’s going on with our lives.

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