Music And Broken Heart

Music Medicine Broken Heart

Are you broken-hearted? Letting it all out through crying is sometimes good but did you also tried listening to music? When I mean music, those songs that suit you personally.

Most songs are written by composers who themselves had experienced hurt and put on to lyric and melody what their mind says. We can relate to these songs and sing with them and you’ll never know, later you’ll feeling good inside knowing you are not alone.

In choosing songs, the better the melody, the better you can get the message of a song. Some songs can make you cry but as long as you have the right attitude, taking into account what you have learned from that experience, you are now ready to move on to life. When you hear that song again, think of it as an experience and lesson you had in life. Smile with it and be strong.

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  1. Truly inspiring & great messages in every Post…keep up the good work..!!..Thank you for sharing…God bless

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