101 Ways To Cheer You Up

You may not be feeling good today and you want something to snap you out immediately from being sad to being happy.

Here is a quick list of simple and easy ways to cheer you up. The list is in random order so it’s better if you finish reading them and find the best tip suited for you. Some may sound silly but it worked for me.

Let’s begin!

Smile At People

1. Smile. Be the first to smile at people and greet them. Don’t be afraid to initiate. You’ll feel good by initiating a good mood.

2. Think of something good you’re expecting today or tomorrow.

3. Call or get in touch with distant friends or relatives.

4. Buy something you like.

5. Listen to your favorite music.

6. Cheer someone else up.

7. Watch a funny movie or funny TV show.

8. Think of a niche or business you can start.

9. Think back of your funny experiences.

10. Imagine a silly look of your enemies.

11. Look for stuff that you could sell.

Laughing Reading Book12. Read funny books or articles.

13. Play with your dog.

14. Sing a song or go to a karaoke station.

15. Find your strength and advantages.

16. Count your blessings.

17. Plan a vacation.

18. Play with your kids.

19. Tell a joke or have someone tell you one.

20. Donate to charitable institutions.

21. Treat yourself to a delicious food.

22. Look at old photo files or albums.

Look Photo Album

23. Plan your birthday.

24. Try some luxury treats. A spa and massage salon, eat in fancy restaurants, check in a 5-star hotel

25. Play a video game.

26. Accomplish your “to do’s” like household chores, organizing your photo album, bathing your dog, etc.

27. Choose what clothe you will be wearing tomorrow.


28. Get some sunshine and go to a park filled with happy people.

29. Cook or bake a new or special recipe.

30. Watch funny videos online.

31. Pimp your ride. Do some cleaning or add some new look to your car.

32. Talk to elders or listen to spiritual lecturers and learn from them.

33. Be with happy people.

Happy People

34. Join a choir or a group for a good cause.

35. Learn to play a musical instrument.

36. Learn some magic tricks.

37. Read the bible.

38. Add a new item to your collections.

39. Do some gardening or plant a new flower.

40. Get a new kind of pet.

41.Try some new sports.

42. Go to a place with wonderful scenery.

43. Teach your child some new talent.

44. Learn to whistle.

45. Look at the mirror and make funny faces.

46. Impersonate someone’s voice.

47. Create a new look of yourself. Maybe a new hair or makeup.

48. Think of ways to improve your health and diet.

49. Exercise to improve your physique.

50. Dance even you look silly in the mirror.

51. Upload a new video online.

52. Make someone special.

Make Someone Special

53. Do some window shopping online or in the mall.

54. Break your piggy bank and deposit to the bank.

55. Have a dental cleaning.

56. Pick up new flowers or fruits from your garden.

57. Cuddle newborn babies.

58. Do someone a favor.

59. Start a new project.

60. Eat dark chocolate. They say chocolates stimulate a “feel good” sensation.

61. Paint on a canvass.

62. Have a relaxing bubble bath.

63. Go on a date.

64. Blow bubbles.

Blow Bubbles

65. Walk  barefoot on the grass.

66. Increase your internet speed.

67. Upgrade your computer.

68. Paint your room.

69. Look for the latest promos or deals.

70. Edit your own photo or someone else photo with awesome or funny effects.

71. Watch the sunset / sunrise.

72. Watch a firework display.

73. Get an aromatherapy.

74. Try some new flavors of drinks or ice creams.

75. Do things you haven’t tried.

76. Fly a kite.

77. Repair or restore a broken toy, a house decor, a bike, or anything safe for you to fix.

78. Change the arrangement of your living room or bedroom.

79. Hang a new picture frame.

80. Wear a leg stocking to your whole head then look in the mirror.

81. Remember your accomplishments.

82. Search for missing items in your house. You’ll feel good when you find them.

83. Do a monkey walk.

84. Take beautiful outdoor photos. You can play around with the macro feature of your camera.

Take Photos

85. Make sure your mind has greater positive thoughts than negative.

86. Believe that there is a loving God.

87. Go to free WIFI access.

88. Contribute ideas through blog commenting, forums, or social medias.

89. Praise someone.

90. Bring back your childhood favorites.

91. Watch your favorite movie.

92. Surprise someone with a gift.

93. Test out some latest gadgets in the market. Who knows you might have one someday.

94. Have an outdoor grill.

95. Listen to your family’s song recordings. Playing them brings back happy times.

Listen Recordings

96. Meet new friends.

97. Spend quality time with your parents.

98. Attend to spiritual gatherings.

99. Visualize success, good health and happiness.

100. Read and hear good news.

101. Visit Happy And Thankful blog for daily dose of happiness and gratitude.

I believe you might have other happy ideas in your mind that can be added to the list. Please comment and who knows, we might add them to the next list!


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