Character Or Reputation?

Character Reputation

A lot of people nowadays are preoccupied on how to make other people believe the image or character they see in them is real. This is the overall quality or image of a person as seen or judge by people-our reputation.

Most of the time it’s not the real us anymore because we try to push the limit of being someone we are not to protect our reputation. We act not according to our true character but to the character we think people will approve. Now that’s a lot of pressure to control what you say and what you do.

Being true to yourself is also being true to others. It should start with looking at yourself first, your attitude, your character. Being concerned to your character means being aware of the way we think, the way we treat others and ourselves. Deep in our hearts, do we believe we are doing the right thing? Are we doing these because we care or because we want something in return?

A good character does not need an introduction, it flows out naturally and others will remember you for it.

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