A Wise Decision

Wise Decision

When we make decisions like choosing a product, getting a new car, a place to live, getting a job and anything that’s life changing-we usually look for other people’s opinion. That can be manifested through reading reviews or simply asking people directly what they think is best.

We see lots of advertisements everyday that try to cloud our mind that what they’re saying are true and trending. You may have also heard about your friend’s success in life for choosing the path which they’re trying to sell to you.

It’s not wrong to hear people’s opinion as long you know their credibility and attitude in life. Their opinion should only serve as a guide and NOT as a conclusion for us to follow. Being wise means knowing yourself and your situation if a decision will fit you and won’t hurt others as well.

Remember each of us are unique when it comes to attitude, experiences and way of life. That means not all decision others make will always be good for us too. You have to ask yourself first: “Will I be happy for doing that?” “Is it right for me too?”

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