A Thought On Loud Voices

Loud voice quote

Studies suggest that people determine how trustworthy or dominant you are within the first 500 milliseconds of hearing your voice. In the animal kingdom, the loud sounds that animals make have purposes that include defending territory, finding another species, romancing a mate or warning companions for predators. Well for humans, the purpose of having a loud voice is different.

Some people raise their voice to get attention or to just simply to stand out in a conversation to show how dominant they are. Some listeners maybe annoyed if it’s done intentionally.

If you want to be heard, get your listeners’ attention by giving them what they want-and that includes making them feel important and you not being self-centered. Talking in a loud voice that conveys bad news, rumors, arrogance and non-sense are the worst things you’ll ever hear on earth.

Practice talking in a clear and deep voice but not monotonous. Talk when it’s your time to talk, be confident, talk slowly and smile!

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